born in Hannover / Germany

main instrument : piano + all kinds of keyboards, occasionally guitar

began to work as a professional musician at the age of 19

has played more than 2000 live gigs as a keyboard player
with various bands and as a solo artist

is also working as a session player, composer, arranger and producer

in 1994 release of his self produced first solo album "GOOD NEWS" (Blue Flame Records/BMG) featuring his instrumental compositions and one instrumental cover version of the Police hit Every Breath You Take

followed by the solo albums :



"SHIMA" (2006)

"TRANSFER" (2008) iTunes & amazon

„HYBRID“ (2011) iTunes & amazon

10am (2014) iTunes & amazon
home (2016)
wanderlust“ 2022

tracks from all albums appeared on public service and private radio playlists in Europe and - occasionally - Japan. (NDRInfo „nightlounge“, RADIO BREMEN nordwestradio, nhk Japan, njoy-„abstrait“, Klassik Radio „lounge“, Klassik Radio „nightflight“, SR2 Abendmusik, Bayern2, ZDF & WDR TV, NDR1 Niedersachsen, and countless online radio stations

the latest album Piano Short Stories has been released

on January 20, 2023.

since 1992 live keyboard player with the German rock band FAIR WARNING - on tour in Japan & Europe 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2006, 2009/2010, 2013 and 2017

appears on all four FAIR WARNING live albums „LIVE IN JAPAN“ (1993) „LIVE AND MORE“ (1998) „TALKING AIN‘T ENOUGH“ (CD/DVD 2010) „TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER“ (CD/DVD/Blu-ray 2019)

since 2001 member of the rock band DREAMTIDE; three albums


"DREAM AND DELIVER" (2008) had been released in Japan and Europe.

highest chart position #7 on the Japanese international charts. The new album
DRAMA DUST DREAM has been released worldwide 2022

instrumental works
piano music

and more

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