November 14, 2019 

just found a beautiful piano in Japan...
shame I couldn‘t take it home ;-)

October 12, 2019 

work in progress
previous albums available here :

May 22, 2019 

release day in Japan for FAIR WARNING‘s live album/Blu Ray/DVD.
2 complete concerts were recorded in April of 2017 
at Club Citta in Kawasaki/Japan celebrating the 25th anniversary
of the bands‘ first Japan tour. 


March 30, 2019

nice workplace for me at TOMMY HEART‘s 
solo show in Berlin. 

February 07, 2019

actually recording 
new luederwaldtmusic 天の音楽
but somestimesjust playing the piano....

December 24, 2018

ooops - 2018 already over ?!
well - I haven‘t been lazy...d(-_^)
new luederwaldtmusic in 2019 
merry x-mas
メリー クリスマス

March 23, 2018

locked away and composing new instrumental works....this can take a while !
in the meantime - here are various albums available for download : 

March 11, 2018


November 16, 2017

„Gloaming“ from my album hybrid on 
Raphaël Marionneau‘s LE CLASSIQUE ABSTRAIT 
on Klassik Radio.

August 16, 2017

It‘s been a busy summer so far - I played quite diverse gigs, from hard rock with Fair Warning to jazz rock with Kazutoki Umezu‘s Kiki band, just to name a few. Thanks to Paul Bossenmaier and Olaf Maikopf for the photos♩♬

June 01, 2017

practice time 

May 01, 2017

thanks to everybody who came to the Fair Warning shows in Tokyo & Kawasaki ! 
it was a memorable week. たのしかったです

                    © emili muraki                                          © emili muraki
April 16, 2017

next destination Tokyo ♪♪♪♪♪♪
will be playing keyboards with FAIR WARNING :

April 20, 2017 Tiat Sky Hall / Haneda Airport
April 22, 2017 Club Citta‘ / Kawasaki
April 23, 2017 Club Citta‘ / Kawasaki 

April 06, 2017

„Breathe“ a track from my latest album home on 
Raphaël Marionneau‘s LE CLASSIQUE ABSTRAIT on Klassik Radio.

February 10, 2017

greetings from the Lion‘s Den.
busy start to 2017 - ♪♪♪♪♪♪

January 02, 2017

I want to wish everyone a peaceful New Year 2017...
please don't forget to breathe ! ;-)
see you then ! 

December 10, 2016

I‘m very happy to be part of this event !
FAIR WARNING just announced their Japan dates 2017 
and I will be playing keyboards on this occasion.
It will be the 10th tour of Japan ^^ 
the first one happened in April of 1993.... 
懐かしい な
Looking forward to seeing my Japanese friends ! 

November 02, 2016

my latest album home available for download
or as CD: shop
Here‘s an excerpt from the first track
The Passing of Time


September 04, 2016

here‘s a little snippet of another tune 
from the home album. It‘s a late summer tune
called Sunset Drift
you can purchase the complete track here :

September 03, 2016

namida once again the Number One 
on the This is Lounge 
Top Ten.
Thanks for voting and please carry on ! v(⊃‿⊂)v♩♬♩

July 23, 2016

namida Number One on the This is Lounge
Top Ten. Thanks for voting ! v(⊃‿⊂)v♩♬♩

July 11, 2016

my track namida at #5 on the charts of
canadian radio station This is Lounge !

July 01, 2016

new video for my track namida on youtube :
thanks to Curt Wright ( Eye)

June 7, 2016

„Namida“ a track from my new album home on 

and an excerpt also on youtube......

May 18, 2016

 „Neon“ a track from my new album home on 
DJ Nartak‘s Klassik Lounge on Klassik Radio.

May 6, 2016

„Album of the Month“ & excellent review of home by Steffen Schäfer (written in German )  

April 29, 2016

„Pure“ another track from my new album home on DJ Nartak‘s Klassik Lounge on Klassik Radio.

„breathe“ on ABC Lounge Music Radio - France

April 15, 2016

release day - the new album home is available for download on iTunes & amazon.
Here‘s a little teaser :

April 13, 2016

 „Breathe“ a track from my upcoming album home on 
DJ Nartak‘s Klassik Lounge on Klassik Radio.

December 23, 2015

\(*’v`*)♪merryXmas♪(*’v`*)/★thanks for having visited this website in 2015 - see you next year !

November 1, 2015

back from Japan...ringing in the last 2 months of studio work in 2015

September 14, 2015

daily morning routine q[-'.'-]p ♬♪♫

August 1, 2015

thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes that I received yesterday. All the mails, wall posts, sms‘ and gifts are much appreciated (◑‿◐) ♬♪♫ now back to work on a new album......

a few entries from 2014 :

August 11, 2014

the tracks „hope“ and „secrets“ 
both from the album 10am frequently on NORDWESTRADIO 
during these weeks.


                                                     © Radio Bremen      

June 24, 2014

the track „lost“ 
from the album 10am on youtube :

and frequently on ocean radio chilled :

June 15, 2014 2014

"sadness" from the album "hybrid" 
iTunes instrumental Top 100 in Holland :

Mai 30, 2014 2014

a portrait and an album review on ocean radio chilled music blog :

April 23, 2014

article from the April issue of Hannover‘s city magazine „Schädelspalter“

written by Olaf Maikopf 

state of confusion from the album best10 on German radio :

© Bayerischer Rundfunk

April 2, 2014

„sadness“ from the album hybrid on
french abc lounge radio

February 20, 2014

abstrait 116 by Raphaël Marionneau - the tracklist contains LUEDERWALDT ‘s track "the swell" from the album "hybrid"

February 9, 2014

here's an interview that was released today by the japanese Web Rock Magazine BEEAST.
....don‘t worry if you can‘t understand japanese - there is an English translation too.  

January 26, 2014

new album „10am“ now ready for download on iTunes and amazon                    



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